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Kathryn Flynn

Kathryn Flynn (artist name : Kathrino) is an Animator/Artist based in Northampton - Featured in multiple exhibitions for her work in Animation, Illustration, Video, and Photography. 
Recurring themes within Kathrino’s work are: Feminism, anthropomorphism, and representing the under-represented. Her work aims to entertain and inform - whilst also making the viewer contemplate deeper themes.

Kathrino studied her Art and Design Foundation degree at DMU in 2017. Her intention in doing this additional study was to try out various art practices, to help to decide what degree she wanted to go on to study. Kathrino then went on to focus on photography and video, to drive a narrative - which ignited a passion to tell stories through a digital format. 
She then went on to study Animation at DMU in 2018, which provided her with the key skills of storytelling through 2D and 3D animation. She learned how to generate narrative-driven ideas, and took those ideas through the whole production process to the final animation. 
After University she went on to work at the indie animation studio, Kino Bino Limited in 2022 - initially starting as an Animation Assistant and later being promoted to Animation Designer within a year. In the studio, she demonstrated how to work as a valued team member, managed her projects, assisted the producer with scheduling/budgets, worked to tight deadlines, and took the creative lead on projects for clients such as: the BBC and NHS, while using/developing the skills learned during her Animation degree. Kino Bino taught Kathrino the skills of animation to then be able to work efficiently within budget constraints, while consistently creating work of which she remains proud. 

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